Miscellaneous Article Exercise

Paramount English for General Competitive Exams Volume - 1 (English)
English Vol. 2 Plinth To Paramount For All Competitive Exams

1 Rajesh is the better of the two for this job.
2 I enjoyed reading the novel you give me.
3 Do you take suger in your tea?No Article
4 I found a hundred rupee note under the tree.
5 He is doing M.A. from the university of kota.
6 He is both a producear and a actor.
7 I have some milk with my lunch.
8 All men knows their duties.
9 The book you want is out of stock.
10 A woman is more sensitive than a man.
11 He was the last man to arrive.
12 Twelve things make a dozen.
13 A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
14 A gentle women came to meet me.
15 These books are not mine.

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