Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb

Fill the blanks with appropriate verb

1. As you have deposited the admission fees,you to study in this college.
A- are permitted/B- were permitted/C- have permitted

2. Rajveer some part of his salary every month.
A- Saving/B- Saved/C- Saves

3. Students in this zone.
A- are not allowed/B- is not allowed/C- have not allowed

4. She the documents yet.
A- is not submitted/B- was not submitted/C- has not submitted

5. They in tennis tournament for five years.
A- have been participated/B- have been participating/C- participate

6. A dog me yesterday.
A- chased/B- has chasing/C- were chasing

7. you gone mad ?.
A- has/B- are/C- have

8. Oops! this mobile again.
A- is broken/B- has broken/C- have

9. The train is about to on railway station.
A- arrive/ B- arrived/ C- arrives

10. Pradeep uncle for his kind nature in society.
A- is known/ B- has been known/ C- has known

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