Pronoun for beginner


Question Based on Pronoun

1. This is my phone and that is yours. (My&Yours)(I)

2. Let us Dance together. (us)(I)

3. The Peacock hurt herself. (Herself)(I)

4. He introduced himself to the Principle. (He&Himself)(I)

5. Mohan is the boy Whose Pencil I have. (I)(I)

6. I Believe that it was he. (I&He)(I)

7. Someone has stolen my book. (my)(I)

8. My problem is the same as yours. (My&Yours)(I)

9. Where are you going, Mr.Mishra?. (You)(I)

10.I have found the watch which I had lost. (I)

Interrogative Pronoun


Question Based on Pronoun

1 .....Do you want? What

2 .....are you? Who

3 .....Did he say? What

4 .....did This? Who

5 .....goes there? Who

6 .....Do you Prefer? Which

7 .....have you seen? What

8......gave you the Rose? Who this umbrella? Whose

10.....Do you see? Whom