Pronoun For Advanced

Question Based on Pronoun 1) Gary's mom asked _______ to clean the garage. (him)
2) A student at an all boys high school should be on ______ best behavior. (his)
3) Neither Mary nor _____ knew why the store was closed. (i)
4) After school you and ____ must discuss a few things. (i)
5) Everyone at the table has eaten _______ lunch earlier. (his/her)
6) My nephew was crying and needed ______ diaper changed. (his)
7) My son dropped -------- bottle on the ground. (his)
8) The girls standing under the tree are eating --------- lunch. (their)
9) Grandma is waiting for ------- shawl. (her)
10) The guys ate all of --------- pizzas. (their)

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